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Parkway_Drive_2015_-_IreChange is inevitable.  If an artist wants to stay in the music business, they’ll need to tweak their sound from time to time. is an established name in the metalcore scene and no exception.  With the release of Ire, the band has experimented with their sound to produce an album that’s familiar, yet unique among their discography.

Fans of will immediately notice the slower tempo that’s prominent throughout Ire.  With that said, the slower tempo allows for some fantastic song composure and experimentation that make each song stand out.  Crushed sounds like covering a Rage Against The Machine song, while Vicious feels like it has more roots in melodic death metal.

Because each song is unique, Ire flows beautifully.  Even the weaker songs of the album, such as Vice Grip and Writing On The Walls, don’t feel out of place, because they add depth to the record and complement with highlights like Dying To Believe.

Parkway Drive’s guitar work has always stood out (which is the signifier for talented metalcore bands), but they never really focused much on choruses.  This has also changed in Ire.  Nearly every song has a different hook that catches the ear, and the guitar riffs and choruses work with each other splendidly.  The songs have rhythm and produce some incredibly catchy choruses that aren’t commonly heard in modern metalcore.

What Ire truly diverges from is Parkway Drive’s heavy focus on breakdowns.  still has some breakdowns, like in Dedicated, but not many others stood out. Ironically, this may anger – synonym for – some fans, but most of the songs shine in every other aspect, so it really doesn’t deter from the overall experience.

Ire may stumble every now and then, but it doesn’t have any glaring flaws.  The enjoyment of Ire will come down to musical preference, so fans looking for crushing breakdowns should go back and listen to Parkway Drive’s older music. However, this record is a treat that metal fans in general should give a shot.

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