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PICTURE ME BROKEN - MannequinsIn the musical worlds of Post-Hardcore and Hard Rock you will find a lot of stagnicity. These are both genres that haven’t really seen anything new or exciting in a long time, but Picture Me Broken takes a little of both, a lot of musical talent, and gives the listener a fresh taste of what both style are meant to sound like.

Layla Brooklyn Allman and Austin Dunn started the band back in 2005 and have so far released two EPs and a full length. The most recent of these is the Mannequins EP released in December of last year.

Mannequins is a fairly clear cut EP with three hard hitting tracks, Torture, Nothing Further from the Truth, and the title track for the album, and a ballad, Beautiful Disguise. The whole album carries hard rock and instrumentals, but its Allman’s vocal performance that really sets this album off. She is one of the few female front women that can really utilize a sing/scream style that can set the hairs on your arm fully erect. What this album brings that isn’t as apparent as some of their previous work is soulfulness in the vocal and instrumental performance, evident most palpably in songs like Mannequins and Beautiful Disguise.

This album really brings a back a style that has been lost in the music world for a long time, and that is originality. For a while now it has felt that many rock groups have just been complacent to follow the “rock star formula” but what Picture Me Broken has done is take the formula and add their own flair to it. The albums itself is recommended for fans of The Letter Black, Otep, In This Moment, and Paramore. If you’re looking for a good Post-Hardcore/Hard Rock album, or just a good female fronted group, look no further than Picture Me Broken’s Mannequins.

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