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7D__0293Pierce The Veil played the second show of their long awaited World Tour on Friday, November 7, 2014 at the historic Fox Theater in Pomona, California.

On an unseasonably warm fall night in Southern California, throngs of fans waited in a line that wrapped around this grand theater turned concert hall to see Pierce The Veil.  While collecting press credentials at the box office, the opening band, This Wild Life from Long Beach could be heard hitting the stage at 7:00pm sharp. The two-piece band kicked off the evening with a slow ballad called History off their 2014 release Clouded. For those in the crowd familiar with the band, ecstatic screams and cheers were given. For others who didn’t know the band, this acoustic pop-punk duo didn’t seem to be quite their cup of tea. The songs were good, but it was a little more toned down than the other bands on the line-up.

Next up were Beartooth, who immediately got everyone’s attention. Before performing, Caleb Shomo, the lead singer, asked if anyone had seen this hardcore punk band play before. If so, then they know how they like to play, fast and crazy. The band then powered into selections from their Disgusting CD. The crowd indeed went mildly crazy and did their best to live up to Shomo’s expectations.

7D__0567Co-headliners on this World Tour is a young band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sleeping With Sirens, a 5-piece outfit is lead by singer Kellin Quinn whose appearance on stage was greeted by ear piercing screams from the predominately female crowd. SWS wasted no time in getting things rolling with their newest release Kick Me. Crowd surfing and moshing ensued the entire set. Love was in the air, so much so that during If I’m James Dean, Then You’re Audrey Hepburn, one young man actually proposed to his girlfriend. Kellin Quinn, the lead singer talked to the crowd, giving some inspirational comments and moved some people to tears. If You Can’t Hang, one of their biggest hits off the 2011 album Let’s Cheers To This, sealed the deal for the satiated crowd.

7D__0602Now was the time to set up the stage for the night’s final, and highly anticipated act, Pierce The Veil.  Covering the entire stage was a white banner adorned with the black silhouette of the wistful woman from PTV’s Collide With The Sky, their last studio album from 2012. Few details have been given out as to the new material currently being recorded. Anticipation was high as to what, if any, new music would be debuted in advance of the album, due in January 2015.  Vic Fuentes, Jamie Preciado, and Tony Perry’s’ silhouettes shone on the backside of the banner drawing more ear piercing screams.  The band rocketed out from behind the banner as it fell to the stage floor. Starting off with Hell Above, PTV ran towards the crowd and up on the steel pedestals fronting the sold out crowd.  The band ran through songs predominantly from CWTS and 2010’s Selfish Machines. This night’s set list contained no new songs but did include such fan favorites as Caraphenelia, Disasterology and I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket.  What was surprising was the amount of love given equally to Tony, Jamie, and drummer Mike Fuentes where most of the admirers typically focus on Vic. Even so, the band is truly loved all around. A particularly special moment came during Bulls In The Bronx.  A young woman appeared in a traditional Mexican floor length skirt and began to do a freestyle Ballet Folklorico dance on stage with the band. Just then Vic Fuentes tore into another guitar solo.  Later in the show, Vic said he would need help for the next song and that he needed a volunteer. Iona Scheckler from nearby Moreno Valley was plucked from the crowd. Vic proceeded to serenade the visually overcome girl with Bulletproof Love. She was then escorted off the stage after the first verse, shocked and trembling with excitement. The band then left the stage for a short breather while the crowd screamed for more. People started to chant the band’s name as red and blue lights started circling the stage. Pierce The Veil returned and finished the evening off with King For A Day.  Joining them on-stage for the finale was Sleeping With Siren’s Kellin Quinn.  As more confetti rained down on the happy crowd the band left the stage.  A fitting end to a triumphant night.

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Set List:

Pierce The Veil, Fox Theater, Pomona CA, November 7, 2014

1.  Hell Above

2. Caraphernelia

3. Bulls in The Bronx

4. Disasterology

5. Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears

6. Hold On

7. I’m Low on Gas and You Need A jacket

8. A Match Into Water

9. Bullet Proof Love

10. King For A Day

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