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Australian metalcore phenoms Polaris have followed up their successful debut album, The Mortal Coil with the highly awaited The Death of Me. As might be expected by the name, this isn’t a peppy, upbeat record. Instead it is a heavy, highly emotion-filled outlook on the world that will most likely speak to many people at this time in history.

The album starts off with Pray For Rain’s lonely, haunting guitar melody intro and speeds right ahead into Hypermania, which was an early release off the album. It’s a fairly short song, as are most of the songs on the album, but why make a long track when you get your point across in a short time frame? Masochist and Landmine have already been making waves among listeners. Vagabond has a more hopeful feel than many tracks and features a great guitar solo as well. Creatures of Habit leads right into Above My Head, which is a longer track full of prog-y chord progressions and an instrumental section in the middle, proving how versatile the band is and shows off some of their technical prowess.

Martyr (Waves) once again starts out slowly but builds into a track that could be a breakout tune for Polaris with its anthemic quality. Next up is All Of This Is Fleeting which leads into the final track, The Descent, a dark and theatrical ending to the story that the band has walked us through over the course of this record. 

Keep your eye on Polaris’ social media as we all wait and see when they may be able to be back out on the road. In the meantime, support them from afar and purchase The Death of Me, check out The Mortal Coil, share their social media posts and maybe purchase some merch as well.

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