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Rhapsody of Fire - Dark Wings of SteelBombastic, epic and truly powerful stuff heads your way with this latest studio album by the Italian kings of symphonic power metal.  If you’re looking for sweeping melodies carried by a torrent of voices from the most elaborate of choirs, and orchestral undertones building musical bridges with the band that rocks from the core, then this band is an entity you need to get acquainted with.

Studio opus number nine delivers in bucket-loads, as you find yourself lost in the oceans of sound. Angel of Light followed by Tears of Pain and then Fly to Crystal Skies all amaze and seduce the senses.  No barriers restrain the passionate overtures whether it is expressing loss, love or loathing.

Vis Divina isn’t merely an introduction, but a warning as it looms large with a sense of escaping the Omen movie soundtrack with its baroque influence.  Once you’ve digested this opening tease, you are exposed to songs of such magnitude like Rising from Tragic Flames and the moody My Sacrifice.

Silver Lake of Tears gallops with some pace but loses none of the elegance and arrangement that are consistent throughout this album.  As you settle in to the fast pace, change their tactics and you head straight into a soaring ballad in the shape of Custode Di Pace.  The final two tracks maintain the style and substance making this album a true success.

They have a rich history and heritage which has taught them a great many things and shaped them since their debut 1997 album Legendary Tales.  Longevity will only add to their legacy as the music for the most part is exceptional and well executed.  You could do a lot worse than at the very least give some of the songs a listen.  Power, majesty and an experienced ear for arrangement feel like the ingredients that assist in making this band one to cherish.

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