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Primal Fear - Delivering the Black - regular delivers the intensity, the energy, the goods, and powerful metal music on their new album, DeliveringThe Black.  Set for North American release on January 28, 2014,  by Frontiers Records, the German band has unleashed an electrifying collection of 12 songs for this album – their tenth. If Father Christmas plays songs like Road To Asylum on the sleigh radio, Delivering The Black will be delivered extra-quick to the stockings of good metal fans everywhere.

The album starts with a fast paced rocker called King For A Day, then goes on to Rebel Faction and When Death Comes Knocking.  Fans may already be familiar with the latter because it was recently released as a single. One of the most powerful and moving songs on this album is the ten minute One Night In December.  Other notable songs sure to liven up any New Year’s Eve party include Alive And On Fire and Never Pray For Justice. In a nice balance, a lean acoustic ballad called Born With A Broken Heart is also another standout tune here. The song features singer Liv Kristine of the band Leaves’ Eyes on background vocals.

Band founder Ralf  Scheepers and Mat Sinner both call this album a high point in ’s long career in metal music. Fans of their 2012 release, Unbreakable, will likely agree and embrace this album as the band continues to evolve while holding true to the speed, guitars and grooves that make metal so powerful. 

Delivering The Black will be available in CD edition, and a deluxe edition that features a couple extra tracks. Frontiers Records is also teaming with Soulfood Music to release a vinyl edition along with a DVD on the making of this ambitious project, plus the videos for When Death Comes Knocking and King For A Day.

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