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is back with their latest release Wait for the Siren, their eighth due out August 21, 2012. is from Orange County, CA, with a sound that is very in today’s urban scene. Using a Kickstarter campaign, the took to the saying that now “the are our record label”, the was able to record Wait for the Siren. has had a lot of success selling over 500,000 units worldwide, giving a much-anticipated release.

The starts off with of the four songs the released early, “Fall Fall.” This is the best track on the album, with solid lyrics and a hard-hitting sound, however the rest of the falls a little flat. Songwriting is very difficult, but when you have it, it shows in a big way. While the CD has all the components we look for in a album, the production and writing are just not there. The music seems a little “muddy” in some cases, making it difficult to really hear the expansion of the songs. The opened and said that they were going in a different direction musically, which might anger some fans, but also will bring new to them. The title track “Wait for the Siren” closes out this offering, and does a decent job of wrapping it all up.

Overall, without sounding harsh, we’ve heard this all before. With so many ways you can go in metal, it would have been nice to see really challenge themselves and put an together that shows their talent.   Time will tell; maybe we’ll have to look past Wait for the Siren and hope their next really pushes the boundary of what this is all about, because is a that could break out in the scene.

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