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Hailing from the far reaches of Ottawa, Canada, hard rockers Project Mars have just released their debut EP titled, Don’t Hold Back.  Released on October 2, 2012, Don’t Hold Back features six tracks of unrefined fury that are just itching to reach the ears of a larger audience.

Project Mars’ sound is classic; it’s just good old fashion rock n’ roll, delivered with the sort of technical punch, which is what it takes to stand out in today’s hard rock scene.   Songs like Hey!, or the lead track Push’n, are crafted with a distinct rhythm that is characteristic of classic rock.   At its heart, the sound is derived from rhythm and blues, but crafted with heavy distortion and vocal attitude that seems to jump through the speakers.

This EP sets itself apart with a rhythmic and sonic maturity that is indicative of a band that truly knows what it’s doing when it comes to composing a solid rock song.  That being said, some sections of Project Mars’ debut EP run the risk of sounding too generic.  Tracks like I Can Change, offer some variation with regard to tempo and key, but the differences are too subtle when compared to the rest of the tracks included on this release.  It’s not a big enough departure from the norm, and even then, the song is written with notes that put too much of a strain on the lead vocalist.  It just sounds forced.

If there is anything this record is lacking, however, it is merely the product of a band that is just getting to know its own strength.  Project Mars has a great deal of potential when considering the level of integrity that is packed into their first release.  With a little bit more experience under their belt, Project Mars will learn to smooth out their rough edges; as the band is already back in the studio working on their next release.  If they can keep up the good work, the future looks bright for these Canadian up and comers.

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