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ADELITAS WAY - cd art - 2-22-16Adelitas Way is an American rock band out of Las Vegas, Nevada. After a huge national tour and great reviews for their first single Bad Reputation, Adelitas Way return with their fourth studio album, Getaway, on the 26th of February. Released independently, the band swaggers in with huge rock n’ roll sounds. This 11-track album is a great comeback.

The opening track Bad Reputation has gained the number 18 spot on Active Rock radio’s Mediabase chart in the four weeks since its release while also debuting at number five on RateTheMusic. This track, with its huge choruses and killer hooks, promises great things from the very beginning. The third track, The Good Die Young, introduces a much heavier bluesy influence to their hard rock mix. This track, and throughout the album, also highlights Rick DeJesus’ unique vocals—blending equal parts of power and passion.

The album’s fifth track, Put You In Place, pulls in the reins for only a moment in the beginning with a soft acoustic intro. Then, 15 seconds later, the track is quick to remind listeners that they are listening to a hard rock band with the pounding drums and high-energy guitar riffs listeners have come to expect from Adelitas Way. The final track, Deserve This, opens with surprisingly intricate guitar riffs and it makes it absolutely clear how much work the band puts in to their music composition. But this intricacy doesn’t take away from the tracks’ catchiness and ability to make a crowd go wild.

Other stand-out tracks to check out are Low, Filthy Heart, and Shame.

Overall, Getaway is a very well-constructed album with a high level of production quality sure to appeal to just about any hard rock fan. There’s a taste of heavy, a taste of soft and a taste of everything in between.

One thing’s for sure—this album certainly won’t be getting a Bad Reputation from the masses anytime soon.

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