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Blues Pills - Lady In Gold coverBlues Pills have followed up on their self-titled debut album with a powerful punch, releasing Lady in Gold on Nuclear Blast Records. The rock/blues band is fronted by a powerful female vocalist, Elin Larsson, and she wastes no time in flaunting her vocal prowess, belting out the title track Lady in Gold,  a fast moving tune with amazing background vocals as well.  Little Boy Preacher has a classic American blues sound as well. Guitarist Dorian Sorriaux is amazing on Burned Out.

Next up is an almost surprising track on the album, I Felt A Change. It could possibly be classified as a ballad, as it is a mellow tune with some keys and organ. Larsson’s vocals take on a more gentle sound, but are still full of power. With this tune, it seems like a small break before going back to the rock, but it’s a welcome, enjoyable break.  The rhythm section of Zach Anderson on bass and Andre Kvarnstrom on percussion are a strong pair as the album ramps back up with tracks such as Gone So Long, Bad Talkers, and You Gotta Try. Won’t Go Back is another powerful tune that you might want to put on repeat, and Larsson is a woman scorned and full of fire in Rejection (once again with smooth background vocals). The album comes to a close with Elements and Things, a hard rocking tune with a somewhat trippy, psychedelic solo section in the middle.

Officially available on August 5th, Lady in Gold is available in multiple formats: CD-DIGI+DVD, CD-DIGI+Picture Disc, DIGI+DVD, Vinyl (black, gold, clear, bone, hot pink), and Vinyl Nuclear Blast Mailorder only (orange, yellow, lilac/neon pink bi-colored, clear+green/orange splatter). Make sure to grab a copy in your favorite format and take your Blues Pills. A solid sophomore album for the band.

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