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dia_digital, a group of Seattle’s best musicians including of Duff McKagan’s Loaded, has just released their sophomore album, Destroy It All, a follow-up to their debut album Holy Crow. is certainly hard to put in a “genre box.” They are definitely rock, but beyond that…. it’s hard to describe. That’s not really a problem however, because you will want to listen to it all the way through multiple times. Whatever it is, it’s catchy.

In addition to Rouse on vocals and guitar, the band also includes Kathy Moore (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Gary Westlake (guitar), Keith Ash (bass) and Shawn Zellar (drums). The hard rocking first single, Death Valley, starts off the record. It is the second track, You Think it Doesn’t Matter when we really get to hear the amazing vocal abilities of Kathy Moore, and also the unexpected but wonderful harmonies that Moore and Rouse create together. And Rouse definitely has the ability to go from pure growling rock to sensitive falsetto with no problem whatsoever. Several songs on the album seem like something you might hear on a movie soundtrack, maybe one based in Seattle. A relationship movie based around musicians, maybe?

The track listing also includes Royal Blue, The City Ain’t Easy, When You Fall, That Much Faith, We’re the Few and the title track, . The album ends with a cover of The Cure’s Lovesong. A beautiful, haunting rendition, once again, Rouse and Moore’s harmonies are on display.

This band is definitely one to keep your eye on. The amount of talent in one grouping is phenomenal. Who cares if it’s difficult to classify? How about we just classify it as all-around great music?

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