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Upside Down World SMALL, formerly of The Violet Hour and daughter of classical pianist Alfred Brendel is releasing her 8th album, Upsidedown World on Sky Rocket Records on April 20th. As with her 2012 release, Not Utopia, she has teamed up with producer and multi-instrumentalist Lee Dunham of Primary Slave.

Honestly, this album is difficult to classify, though her bio describes it as “progressive pop.” Brendel’s raspy alto vocal range does work in a variety of musical styles, so perhaps she just enjoys eclectic experimentation. There are definitely a couple of rock tracks, such as the opening tune The Devil Closed the Door as well as Slap Me and You Die. Several tracks have more of a Tori Amos, piano-based feel:  Adored, Little Act of Defiance, Still Running.

The final track, Life is a Mushroom will completely throw you for a loop, as it’s psychedelic funk will have you reminiscing back to Deee-Lite and Groove is in the Heart. This album will definitely take you on a ride; a ride where you have no idea what is coming up around the next corner. So make sure to buckle your seat belt to keep you safe around those sharp turns. The album is available on CD and limited edition vinyl, that include tracks not available in download format. The cover, designed by surrealist Igor Morski is beautiful enough to make you want to pick up the album based on looks alone. As someone not very familiar with Miss Brendel’s previous work, coming with no expectations, this writer still doesn’t  quite know what to expect and it seems that the artist prefers it that way.

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