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The Glorious Sons - The Union cropHailing, from Kingston, Ontario, Canada comes the blue-collar band . Their latest release, The Union has already been rocking the Canadian charts for some time, but the band is now making their way to the United States of America. The album is made up of eleven songs, including two songs from their previously released EP- White Noise and Mama. The band is known for their no-frills sound and attitude. They like it grimy, straight up rock and roll and that is what they produce with tunes such as album openers Man Made Man and Heavy. Hard Times and The Contender that leave you wanting to pump your fists and sing along.

Vocalist Brett Emmons has an edge to his voice that leaves you wanting to hear more, and he is backed by a band full of friends, including his brother Jay Emmons, Andrew Young, Adam Paquette and Chris Huot. While the band does not classify themselves as Southern Rock, several of their songs do have that hint to them, such as Mama. And after an album full of fast moving tunes, the album closer Amigo, which it’s mellow piano vibe is a change of pace, but highly enjoyable as well. do not rely on effects or anything fancy. They just play music that everyone can enjoy and write songs for the authentic, hard-working blue-collar folks of their hometown. There is nothing pretentious or fake in any of these tunes. It’s just honest, pure and simple.

The band worked with John-Angus MacDonald of the Trews to produce the majority of The Union, after having worked with him on their debut EP Shapeless Art. Canadian producer Gavin Brown also worked on two of the songs and the album was mixed by Werner F and Gus van Go.


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