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11101920_689497057846081_8181964961233124995_nWhen was the last time you came across a NEW glam rock band? Can we safely say it’s been a while? Well, your luck has changed. It’s time to check out Nashville, Tennessee’s . Just a quick look and you will instantly know that these guys are some goofballs that don’t take themselves too seriously. As the band’s bio states.  “After traveling through space and time, rock ‘n’ roll superhero Greg Troyan decided that the universe was in great need of glam rock in the early 21st century, and thus he formed with Stephen Smith and has been producing excellent rock ‘n’ roll ever since.”

The album, released on June 3rd, 2015, is actually a special deluxe edition of an album that was released independently last year. Sixteen songs are included, 12 of which were on the original release plus 4 bonus tracks.  Probably the most humorous tune is The Conan Song, in which the band begs for the chance to be the musical guests on the late night TV show. If you watch the video for the song, you can also see the band’s mascot, dancing cat Mr. Cool. Though it’s clear these fellas are all about Having Fun (they even have a song named that), it is clear that the players are no slouches as far as musicianship goes. There are also a few songs that MIGHT be serious, but it is hard to tell in the midst of the silliness. But, hey, what’s wrong with pure, unadulterated fun from time to time? Absolutely nothing.

So check out , help them reach their goal of meeting Conan, and if you want a laugh, make sure to head to their website and read the individual band member bios.

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