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As they approach their 30 year anniversary as a band, is releasing their ninth studio album, Defying Gravity via Frontiers Music SRL on July 21, 2017. The original lineup is still intact- Eric Martin (Vocals), Paul Gilbert (Guitar), Billy Sheehan (Bass), and Pat Torpey (drums). While Torpey was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Matt Starr has been helping with the drum duties as well, both on the album and on tour. The band has also reunited with producer Kevin Elson, who worked with them on their earliest albums, including their self-titled debut, Lean Into It, and Bump Ahead.

In a matter of only six days, was able to complete an album that has that sound fans expect from - with the technical accuracy in the instrumentation and the voice of Eric Martin, which still sounds as fresh as it did in the beginning. Starting out the album with the high energy Open Your Eyes, followed by the title track, Gilbert’s signature powerful guitar prowess is on display immediately. Everybody Needs a Little Trouble is a bluesy track with a tight groove. The band recently released a video for this song. And of course, there are the tunes that the ladies will love, such as Damn I’m In Love Again, Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good), and Forever and Back, with a heavier tune, Mean To Me thrown in the middle. She’s All Coming Back to Me Now, is followed by the first track released from the album, 1992, which is all about the period of time when was first riding high with their biggest hit, To Be With You. The song was written by Gilbert and judging from the reception it has already received, will probably be a quick fan favorite.  

The final two tracks are Nothing At All, and Be Kind, the latter of which is more of an upbeat ballad and will grow to be one of those tunes that you will put on repeat. The fact that Mr. Big is still going strong after so many years proves that they are certainly “.” The band has already started their tour and will be throwing in more of the new songs as they go, so make sure to check out Defying Gravity and catch a show when they are near you.

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