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shallow-side-oneSometimes we can’t just be patient and sit and wait for a full-length album from a band. Thankfully, a lot of bands these days will throw us a bone and give us an EP to satisfy our cravings while they continue working. Alabama’s own Shallow Side has done just that with their latest six-song release, One, via Thermal Entertainment.

The band definitely has a bluesy, southern rock vibe in addition to several tunes that make you want to sing along and pump your fists. Eric Boatwright’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with from the very first track- We Roll, which is also heavily focused on the drums and bass (Heath Fields and Cody Hampton). Song number two is the first single- Rebel, in which we most definitely hear their southern roots, which the hand clapping and banjo and spirit of rebellion.Next up, a cover of Renegade by Styx. While the song does not start off with the signature thumping bass drum we are used to, this is definitely a solidly enjoyable rendition of an old favorite.

The second half of the EP starts off with a heavier feel than the previous songs. Fight or Flight features heavy guitars, as well as keyboards performed by Seth Trimble. This song seems like a good choice for a future single, as it definitely would fit in on rock radio. The album closes with two more tunes that return to the bluesy feeling- Can You Hear Me and Start a Fire. Will Shallow Side definitely have a signature sound, this brief taste of their music shows their ability to branch out and do something a little different and exciting. Keep an eye out for their full length album later this year! But while you wait, grab a copy of One!

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