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Adrian Vandenberg’s newest project Vandenberg’s Moonkings has released their second album. Released November 3rd, via Mascot Label Group, MKII is evidence that there is no “sophomore slump” for the Moonkings. Right out of the gate, the album’s first video release and opening song, Tightrope provides a glimpse of what can be expected on this album, guitar heavy, blues-influenced rock, with tinges of influence from the 1970’s. Many tunes are reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, or perhaps Cream, but with that signature Vandenberg flair.

The longest song on the album is The Fire at right around seven minutes, although the length is hardly noticeable when the song ends in basically a jam session between the musicians, once again a throwback to bands of the ‘70s. Mr. Vandenberg is known for his ballads, and the mostly acoustic Walk Away is a great showcase for vocalist Jan Hoving and the only electric portion of the song, the guitar solo, makes for a beautiful tune.

What Doesn’t Kill You sounds like it could possibly have been a Whitesnake song, and Hoving even sounds a little like David Coverdale here, but who can hate that? The bluesy Ready For the Taking is next and the train keeps rolling with New Day and Love Runs Out. If You Can’t Handle The Heat is full of aggressive, riff-heavy guitar and of course a Vandenberg solo. This song is one that is sure to be a favorite in their live performances.

Speaking of live performances, the band is set to promote this album heavily in Europe, but at this point in time, they are not scheduled to visit the United States. Vandenberg himself hasn’t played in the US for many years and would love to bring the Moonkings stateside, so let’s hope that someone can make that happen. For now, thankfully, those of us who won’t be able to see them live can still pick up a copy of the album for their dose of Vandenberg’s Moonkings.

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