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WALKING WITH GIANTS - Worlds UnknownHow often does this happen? A musician plans to get a cover band together to perform songs by some of his favorites, such as Sevendust and Alter Bridge. When he can’t find the musicians for that cover band, instead he forms an original band with members of Sevendust and Alter Bridge. Well, that is actually how Gary Noon put together his project, . The full-length debut album, Worlds Unknown was released on January 15th, featuring Sevendust’s Clint Lowery and Morgan Rose, and Alter Bridge/Creed’s Brian Marshall.

The album is flanked by instrumental tracks, Part 1 and Part 2. Now these two tracks don’t necessarily give you an idea as to the sound and feeling of the rest of the album, but are edgy and interesting nonetheless. The nine tracks in the middle of the sandwich have a vibe that will certainly be pleasing to fans of Sevendust and Alter Bridge, with Noon’ s own unique spin and pleasing vocals. Both Broken Truth and Back to Life are heavy tunes that could definitely fit into a mainstream rock radio playlist. The same could also be said of Heavy Hand, which was written by Lowery.

As Noon has stated, he wants his music to be positive and positivity does seem to be the overarching theme of Worlds Unknown. Though the music may be heavy, a listen to the lyrics will always find hope, inspiration, and a positive message. ’ live show may not feature all of those on the album, as they still have their own gigs to do, but the core for future recordings will stay the same, so we can look forward to more in the future. It will be interesting to see how this group continues to grow.

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