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artworks-000081362507-1hndvo-t500x500AUG released their second album Be Careful What You Wish For… in June 2014. The NY/NJ band’s first release, 20 Years in Hell, received some attention from Eddie Trunk, earning the band a performance spot on the 2011, 2012 AND 2013 That Metal Show Christmas Party.

The hard rock/metal band has a lead singer by the name of AUG, with Russ Latamer on drums, Rich Tanis on bass/vocals and Tommy Shauger on lead guitar/vocals.

AUG admits their first album was more of a “basement project,” but claim the newest release is their attempt at a more polished product. Their efforts are backed up by the fact they recorded the album at David Bendeth’s studio, House of Loud. Bendeth has worked with Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach and Paramore, among others.

The title track Be Careful What You Wish For starts off the album letting us know we can expect an 80’s metal sound. It’s heavy on the guitars, and the rest of the tracks follow suit.

We can see why these guys are compared to Ozzy Osbourne as the vocals on the track Coming Home have the same tight throat, unique mechanical sound Osbourne has treated us to all these years. Interestingly enough we all know Osbourne has his own “Coming Home” song.

AUG strangely enough includes a cover of 80’s band Toto’s song Africa on the album. This metal version includes loud, crunchy guitars which make the vocals difficult to hear. But it’s actually the best track on the album. AUG’s voice is more clear, crisp, relaxed and natural; it’s most possibly because he’s mimicking a pop sound.

If you’re a fan of Ozzy Osbourne or Iron Maiden, this album might be worth checking out. Fans of more mainstream rock/metal won’t find a whole lot to listen to here.

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