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AUGUST BURNS RED - Found In Far Away PlacesBands of all genres rise and fall with the times, but only a handful have been as dominant in the subgenre as .  With a decade of consistently great music, it should come as little surprise that their new album, Found In Far Away Places, is towering over the others on the music charts.

That being said, their sound is more of the same with a few tweaks to prevent the music from getting stale.  Fans will be pleased to hear that Found In Far Away Places contains the skilled guitar work, heavy breakdowns, quick drumming and wide range of screams that are all synonymous with .  The band sounds as talented as when they first started with the exception of some high-pitched screams that don’s sound as crisp as the rest of the vocals.

The most obvious of all the aforementioned tweaks in Found In Far Away Places is the liberal inclusion of slower sections in the middle of songs (thankfully without any monologues like in the last album).  Majoring In The Minors has a Western-styled mid-song interlude, while Martyr incorporates a violin.  Most songs will be going full throttle one minute and slam on the breaks the next.  While that may sound disheartening at first for some, the change of pace and added composure give the listener a chance to reflect and appreciate the next heavy section.

In addition to the slower sections, Found In Far Away Places also includes more guitar solos than the average album.  When combined with the tempo changes and breakdowns, the album prevents tedium from setting in.

However, the album isn’t completely flawless. The Wake, which is still a solid song, starts the record off some clichéd lyrics (drowning-themed songs has been done to the point of satirization).  It’s just not the best starting point, because Twenty-One Grams and Majoring In The Minors have poetic, thought-provoking lyrics.

Another point worth knit picking at is Ghosts, which features Jeremy McKinnon of .  McKinnnon’s performance doesn’t quite sync up with the rest of the song – and band for that matter – until end of the song.  The singing feels out of place until it’s harmonized with Jake Luhrs’ screams.

With all the complaints aside, ’s sixth studio album keeps the band’s streak of critically acclaimed albums alive.  For the most part, Found In Far Away Places will make long-time fans happy.  August Burns Red isn’t revolutionizing their sound by any means, but if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.


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