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beasto-blanco-2016, the band featuring longtime Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric, just released their sophomore self-titled record on November 25th via Rat Pak Records.

The follow-up to Live Fast, Die Loud, was produced by Ryan Greene (Alice Cooper, Lita Ford, Mr. Big) and features 12 tracks including an energized version of Cooper’s Feed My Frankenstein.  With endorsements by A-list actor and musician Johnny Depp, Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain and producer Bob Ezrin, to name a few– that should be enough to tell you this is a damn good record.

Consisting of Chris Latham (guitar), Jan LeGrow (bass), Tim Husung (drums), Calico Cooper (vocals) and Garric (vocals/guitar), is heavily influenced by the likes of bands such as Motorhead and White Zombie, with the latter really shining through.

Musically, Beasto Blanco blends heavy riffs, a strong thunderous bass, melodic choruses infused with electronic elements.  Adding the supporting vocals of Alice Cooper’s daughter, Calico, gives a flavor of its own.

Buried Angels, the first track of the album, is an original piece with industrial influence and gripping guitars. Feed My Frankenstein, the first single off the album, takes one of Alice Cooper’s most beloved tracks of the last few decades and knocks it on its ass. Beginning with an acoustic intro from Latham, it builds up to include Calico’s sultry vocals, breathing new life into this Alice Cooper classic. Skipping ahead to Dark Matter is where you start hearing more of the band’s other big influence, Motorhead. With an old-fashioned synthesizer playing over Garric’s vocals, this track is atmospheric and dark as hell. From here on out, it’s pure rock and roll, as Blind Drive and the foot-stomping Damnation round this album off.

Overall, the band stands out in the modern rock music scene, making themselves an alternative band with a trademark sound.

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