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The Blessings - ShipwreckedIt’s always a bit of a grab-bag experience, cracking open an independently labeled rock album. While the music is often more unique than that found on major labels, it’s often either really bad or really good. I’m pleased to announce The Blessings recent five-track EP Shipwrecked fit into the latter category. Often compared to The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Chuck Berry, The Blessings released this album independently on May 30, 2015. The album mixes the band’s obvious fondness of classic rock and blues to heightened degrees.

The first track, Ran Out of Teardrops opens like a track you would hear on an earlier album for The Rolling Stones; but the addition of an organ along with a killer solo at the bridge both give this track an extra shot of character. The title track, Shipwrecked, starts out with a different style of vocals than in the previous track, but the background vocals quickly remind listeners that this is indeed a blues rock album. The third track, Born With Horns, brings with it the addition of some great harmonica and piano parts. In combination with the refreshing guitar riffs, each of these elements keeps this high-energy track fun and light. Mississippi Moon is an uptempo rocker which really brings out the band’s influences, while still managing to carry a surge of their own unique sound throughout the track. The final track, Come Back Home is noticeably moodier than the other tracks on the EP. While the song is still very bluesy in nature, the track seems to add a bit more variety to the EP.

The band seems to have a fair share of upbeat and slower-tempo music on this EP. And while they maintain a stable blues/rock and roll feel throughout album, the upbeat rockers are where The Blessings really excel. One could describe this album as “rock n’ roll with a whole lotta soul”… and one you should check out, at that!

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