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rainbowNew York-based journalist Greg Prato is back at it again, releasing his twentieth book The Other Side of Rainbow.  Several of his other books have been reviewed in Screamer in the past and Prao has written for Rolling Stone, Classic Rock, and Vintage Guitar.

For those who don’t know the history of the band Rainbow, the book’s description will clue you in:

“When Ritchie Blackmore left Deep Purple in 1975, many a rock n’ roll fan was left befuddled. Why would one of rock’s top guitarists leave one of the world’s most popular bands? Regardless of the reason, listeners would ultimately be thankful, as Blackmore soon launched Rainbow- a band that rocked just as ferociously as Purple, whose music has proven to be timeless and incredibly influential on subsequent heavy metal bands.

Along the way, Blackmore proved to be extremely adept at spotting largely unknown talent, and introducing them to the world-class vocalists Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet, and Joe Lynn Turner. However with the volatile Blackmore as the group’s leader, band members came and went on a regular basis, preventing the band from possible reaching their full potential.

In a style that Prato has used in many of his books, he has collected interviews from a variety of people such as former band members (Tony Carey, Doogie White, Joe Lynn Turner), as well as those who worked with the band in some capacity (Wendy Dio, Flemming Rasmussen), as well as admirers of the band (Eddie Trunk, Charlie Benante.)

The book begins with a “Cast of Characters,” listing all of those whose interviews are featured, and explaining their connection to the Rainbow story. This can come in handy if the names are not familiar, as once the book begins, only the names are listed.

The book covers the entire lifespan of Rainbow, from the formation, through each of their albums and lineup changes, to a breakup, then a reformation. There are also chapters specifically about certain members of the band, and the final chapter asks the interviewees if they feel that the music of Rainbow still stands up today. Also included at the back of a book is the select discography.

Prato has once again put out an enjoyable and informational book that any fan would be glad to have on their bookshelf ( physical or digital). Prato’s books always seem to have the charm of being written by a true fan. And if he isn’t a fan, he does a good job of pretending to be! Of course, once you read the intro, you will know his stance. Another superb job by Prato.

‘The Other Side of Rainbow’ is available as a paperback version [276 pages, $19.99], a Kindle download [$9.99], a Nook download [$9.99], and an iBook download [$9.99].

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