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Bourealis - PurgatoryThe illuminating, spectral lights of the Aurora (aka the Northern Lights) is without question one of Canada’s most famous tourist attractions. That being said, it’s no wonder why this group of young, Orangeville, Ontario natives would choose the grandiose namesake of  for their band.

Founded in 2005, has emerged from obscurity with an illuminating style of melodic, power metal all their own. Their third album, Purgatory, offers rockers and metalheads alike a sophisticated, musical complexity; with dynamic arrangements fueled by rich, power metal overtones. Yet Purgatory‘s depth transcends even further, emerging into the melodic metal realm as well. Borealis casts its spell with mesmerizing vocals, subtle symphonic nuances, and deeply embedded, progressive elements throughout. Borealis comprised of:

Matt Marinelli – lead vocals/guitars
Jamie Smith – bass
Sean Dowell- drums
Sean Werlick – keyboards
Michael Briguglio – guitars

The first track, Past the Veil, explodes with a succession of pulsating drumbeats, heavy guitar riffs and on point, commanding vocals. If you’re hungry for even more power-metal intensity, you’ll also want to crank up these tunes: My Peace, featuring rapid-fire drumming and a phenomenal arrangement, Sacrifice, which ignites on impact with lightning fast fretwork and thunderous beats, and the song the album is named after, , which has a progressive complexity that defines the darker layers of their musical and lyrical depth.

High intensity metal songs like From the Ashes and The Chosen One artfully blend the pulsating beats/melodies with some intricate, symphonic interludes.

If you like ballads, (that get harder as they go) then check out A Place of Darkness, Revelation, and Welcome to Eternity, which all slow down the pace. The addition of acoustics, complex transitions and amazing vocal range won’t leave you disappointed.

Some particular favorites include: Destiny, Rest My Child and Darkest Sin, all of which have the “wow” factor, with levels of lyrical depth and musical mastery that truly rock.

Following the release of Purgatory slated for July, Borealis will join Evergrey on their US/Canadian tour later this year. So be sure to keep an eye out for Borealis to light up the stage at a venue near you.

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