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Photo by Nathan Hunt of Shaman's Harvest

Photo by Nathan Hunt of Shaman’s Harvest

With rumors of a sold-out show and an estimated 3000 people packing the Clive, Iowa-based 7 Flags Event Center, it’s clear the people of Des Moines were thrilled to see hit their town on Friday, May 22, 2015.

As many know, isn’t in its original formation. There were some high-profile legal battles over the name. But now that frontman has retained the rights to the name, all seems good with Burnley at the helm. It probably helps that Burnley was wise in choosing musicians for the new line- who truly have the right backgrounds to take the to a new level. Two of the new members – guitarist Keith Wallen (Adelita’s Way) and bassist Aaron Bruch (Forever Oeuvre) – have past singing and can contribute harmonies. Guitartist Jasen Rauch, formerly of Red, is another strong addition, as well as drummer Shaun Foist, previously in Me Broken.

CROP DSC_2399_doneShaman’s Harvest opened the show as the only opener. They kept it short and sweet, playing not much over a half hour. Their set included their song Dangerous, which has received a good deal of nationwide. As well they played their of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana, which is also currently being played on stations across the country. Their gritty persona seemed to with of Breaking Benjamin, much of the audience standing against the rails shouting and singing through each song.

While it’s not uncommon to see shows stacked with 3+ openers, it was refreshing to see only opener on the bill, treating the audience primarily to the headliner, who they really came to see.

hit shortly after 9 PM, opening the show with the song So Cold from their 200 album Not Alone.

played close to a two hour set. The average hard listener may not realize just how many Breaking Benjamin songs they know until they are standing in front of them, but being in the audience at of their shows makes it clear they’ve done a great job scoring play. Check out some of their other songs on the Des Moines setlist, including Break My Fall, Give Me a Sign, Polyamorous, and I Will Not Bow, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

CROP DSC_2352_doneThey also premiered their performance of their new single, , from their newest record, , which is set to release on June 23.

Additionally Breaking Benjamin whipped out some classics including a of Metallica’s Through the Never. And they freestyled a mashup of some classic solos including the Star Wars’ Imperial March, Tool’s Schism, Pantera’s Walk and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen .

Breaking Benjamin appropriately closed the show with their widely popular song The Diary of Jane from their third album Phobia. It’s possibly their most notable and successful single, placing #1 under three charts.

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