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Buffalo Summer - Second SunFrom South Wales, comes and their sophomore album, Second Sun. This band started out as a family affair, as singer Andrew Hunt and drummer Gareth Hunt are brothers. Bassist Darren King was a childhood friend and the three have been playing together since the mid 1990’s and guitarist Johnny Williams joined when he moved to the area for school. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2013 and the band has been touring and gaining speed ever since.

most definitely makes bluesy, southern influenced rock music, which seems to be a trend coming out of the UK. Which is not to say that the band is riding anyone’s coattails. Their blue collar upbringing seems to match up with the music they put out, making it more authentic than those just trying to jump on the southern-tinged bandwagon.

The album’s opening track, Money, with it’s hard-pounding percussion and massive guitar sound draws the listener in and leaves them wanting more. This tune is quickly followed up by Heartbreakin’ Floorshakin’, which is reminiscent of The Black Crowes, a band that lists as an influence. Make You Mine is one that you will want to hear over and over, because it will be stuck in your head with its catchy grooves.

Andrew Hunt has an amazingly soulful voice, which is most evident on tunes such a Neverend, Light of the Sun and Priscilla. As High as the Pines is a completely unique track. Hard to explain, as it veers off from the standard Buffalo Summer sound but still somehow fits perfectly. All in all, this is a very ear-stimulating album, reminding the listener of the 70s while still being completely current and relevant.

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