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COLOURS – IvoryThis day and age, much of the pop genre has become over-saturated with shallow lyrics, over-production, and little-to-no audible individuality. But every once in a while you’ll stumble across something a little different. One such album comes from Florida-based duo, Colours, formed by Kyle Tamo (vocals) and Morgan Alley (drums). Former vocalist for post-hardcore band Burden of a Day, Tamo seems to be trying his hand at an entirely different style… and successfully so. Focused on creating art through music, the duo has put together Colours. Falling under the Synthpop/Indie Pop label, the band is set to release their debut album, Ivory, February 26, 2016 via Victory Records.

Ivory opens with Lawless, which is easily one of the stand-out tracks on this album. The track draws listeners in to satin-smooth vocals over heavy synth effects to add a level of depth that may otherwise have been lacking. The second track, Monster, is one that will likely garner this album positive attention, as well. As the first single and video released from this album, the song represents the darker side of Colours.

Part of You slows things down with a discernable R&B style. As with the rest of the album, there is a purposeful vagueness to most of the lyrics, leaving plenty of room for personal interpretation. Finally, Alone is a short track which allows this gleaming star of an album to fade gracefully out.

Fusing the sort of dark, electronic undertones of Purity Ring and Crosses with post-modern, Weeknd-tinged R&B, Colours have created a lush sound that’s as dangerous as it is seductive. Even so, if you tend to look for a coarse, rugged sound in your music selection, there are likely better options for you. However, if you are looking for a light breath of fresh air in an otherwise heavy world, this is your album.

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