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COMBICHRIST - This Is Where Death BeginsCombichrist is a difficult band to pigeonhole into a single genre, and their newest album, This Is Where Death Begins, is no different and actually continues to broaden their horizons.  The new record is a unique blend of hard rock, metal, techno and industrial music.  Having so many different genres at their disposal allows This Is Where Death Begins to remain fresh throughout the record, which makes for an enjoyable album.

Most of the heavier songs on the album like My Life My Rules, Pay To Play and Skullcrusher have hints of Rammstein and Marilyn Manson.  They’re simplistic, yet catchy and spaced out just enough to prevent the sound from becoming tedious.  Combichrist also includes even heavier songs like We Are The Plague, which actually kicks off This Is Where Death Begins, that demonstrates their musical range and depth.

When rock music isn’t the focus, Combichrist emphasizes a mix of techno and industrial music.  This happens more often in the second half of the album like in Tired Of Hating You, Homeward and Don’t Care How You Feel About It.  Anyone looking for the exclusive electronic style may be disappointed because Combichrist uses these elements as a buildup before bringing in the guitar riffs, but the aforementioned songs help distinguish the album and keep its flow moving in an interesting way.

However, like most albums, not every song is a golden work of art.  Destroy Everything is lyrically pitiful and puts a damper on the entire track.  Cursing in music is fine, but when one-third of the lyrics in your chorus is “fucking,” then it may be worth going back to the drawing board.  Also, compared to Glitchteeth and Exit Eternity, which organically lead into each other, the first part of Black Tar Dove inhibits the second and acts as more of a speedbump.

None of the songs may be amazing instrumentally, but the album’s flow combined with constant experimentation more than makes up for that.  Fans looking for Combichrist to return to their older styles shouldn’t look past This Is Where Death Begins just because it’s different.  It still has a lot of enjoyment to offer and is a great listen for anyone looking to hear something new and interesting.


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