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Getting ready to hit the road with Another Lost Year, Dark Station’s Down in the Dark is being released on October 25th to the anticipation of fans who have gotten to know the band through the four music videos the band has already shared. 

Heroes, Obvious, No Life and Villain are the songs that have been released so far and although there is a cohesive sound that brings the whole album together, no song is a copycat of another. Just when you think you have the vibe of the band figured out, they throw out another tune and show that they are capable of so much more. For example, take the two most recent singles. No Life is a song about something fighting addiction and has a softer feel to it, although it is definitely no tender ballad. Villain was inspired by the movie Venom and although the intro might make you think it is along the same vein of the previous single, just wait for the chorus.

The band does mention My Chemical Romance as an influence, and the first track on the album, Ryse, has a few moments where it almost sounds like Gerard Way of MCR jumped in on guest vocals. But those moments are brief and it is clear that Nathan Spades has a strong voice that is capable of accompanying magnificent heavy guitar riffage as well as more melodic moments with thought-provoking lyrics.

Misery and Visions showcase the complimentary guitar work of Kyle Ort and David Bruno and Obvious has a crushing intro thanks to Eric Sinful on bass and Dylan Roy on drums.

Jump on the band’s website and sign up for their album release experience, starting October 14th and leading up to the full release on the 25th.

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