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Darkhaus - My Only ShelterWhen you notice this band have the bassist from New York hardcore legends Pro-Pain amongst their ranks, you instantly begin pondering over the brutal and aggressive assault the ears are about to experience.  Alas, you’d be wrong.  My Only Shelter is a completely different beast which provides complementary keyboard touches being sprinkled liberally in and amongst some accessible and contemporary rock music.

Life worth Living leads in to Grace Divine and sets the listener up for a European-tinged sound which drives onwards.  There are hooks aplenty as the chorus latches on with both of these opening examples.  Throughout the 14 tracks on this debut album the consistency isn’t really in dispute as each song is contained within a sensible length and delivered with a tight precision.  Listen out for some epic backing vocals during Hour of Need, and the prominent chorus during Looks like Rain.

These days it is frowned upon by some quarters of the populace to use the word ‘gothic,’ as it carries a negative reputation or is yearning to be used in conjunction exclusively with architect instead of music.  The band name suggests otherwise.  Watching the music video for Ghost is an interesting experience as you witness the sunny climates of their environment, yet lurking within are gothic vibes and imagery.

My Only Shelter finishes up with two more fine examples (Angelina and Hurts like Hell) showcasing the chemistry between Ken Hanlon handling vocal duties, Rupert Keplinger on guitars and synth’ with Marshall Stephens also providing guitars and Gary Meskil tackling bass, while Paul Keller delivers the drums.

The album doesn’t change any rules or proceed to shock the listener; it is a fine collection of well sculptured songs which present a balance between a European flavored sound and what you hear on the radio from a lot of seasoned U.S. hard rock bands.  My Only Shelter is a treat and doesn’t disappoint.

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