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are musical kinfolk to the bands that reigned in the ‘70’s as new record Burn It Down’s 11 songs are inspired by the hammer of the gods along with a few rolling stones.  It’s a ‘70’s classic rock sound with an updated, upgraded chrome job and dose of modern mojo with vintage vitality.

Before the ‘80’s and days of hairspray, this is what filled arenas and stadiums.  With a massive world tour starting April 8 in Glasgow, John Corabi, Doug Aldrich, Deen Castronovo, David Lowy and Marco Mendoza will again prove that the music that fueled what “the kids” like today can still run with the current crop.  Oh, and bigger and better road stories.

Resurrected is grungy, crunchy and electric.  Don’t call it a comeback, call it a continuation.

Burn It Down hits with a good groove and vocals that stir the cauldron with sly, calming words.  It’s cool in performance before guitars light the match and everything goes up in a blaze of Zeppelin-inspired jam and finale.

Judgement Day is a time of reminiscent tales and memories with notes playing back the stories of time on the fretboard clock.  What was your life used for; godly productivity or devil’s play?

Musical karma catches up on What Goes Around.  Exodus covered it in ‘92 and the Daisies do it in 2018, it’s still a Bitch.  Even Set Me Free has a few tastes of Purple Rain and Joe Cocker sung Wonder Years.

Dead and Gone could be the heaviest track with its AC/DC foot stomp, Zeppelin fist smack beginning.  Live it live and loud, to the fullest.

Can’t Take It With You is a harsh but blunt reminder that when you’re gone, it’s gone–but you can have it all before you go.

Burn It Down is a historical tour proving that regardless of when good music is made it can continue stretching though to any decade.

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