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the-dead-daisies-live-louderFollowing their three albums, (The Dead Daisies 2013, Revolucion 2015, Make Some Noise 2016) are now releasing a album, Live & Louder on May 19th via Spitfire music. The has gone through multiple line- changes in their short run, but the current roster is definitely an all-star group, featuring Tichy on drums ( Osbourne, Foreigner), on vocals (Motley Crue, The Scream), on bass (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake) and both David Lowy ( Phoenix, Mink) and Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio) on guitars.

Unlike some albums, this was not recorded on specific night, but over the course of several shows on their and European at of 2016, then later mixed by Anthony Focx and mastered by Howie Weinberg. If you have never had the opportunity to attend a show by this band, this is a great indication of how high energy their show is. It’s pure from beginning to end- no ballads here. Sixteen songs make this album, including several covers- Fortunate Son, Join Together, Helter Skelter, Band, and Midnight Moses. As for their originals, the vast majority are from their latest release, Make Some Noise, with a handful from their previous two records. Several times throughout the recording, you get an indication of where the is at on the road- “Are we having fun yet Paris?” “London, let me see those  hands!” and “Hamburg, Germany, the second home of The Beatles!” Clearly both the and the crowds are having a great time, especially during the interactive member introductions, that make an entire minute track on the album.

If you are on the fence about whether to see live, Live & Louder will definitely push you over that fence and have you on your way to the box office to pick your tickets to see this energetic, no frills n’ roll when they come to your town.

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