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TDWP_Space_Cover_lo_1The Devil Wears Prada has held a prominent position in the metalcore scene for quite some time, but the critically acclaimed Zombie EP is a favorite among fans and arguably the best release in the band’s discography.  Therefore, expectations are astronomically (pun intended) high for the new Space EP.

As the name suggests, The Space EP obviously deals with space, specifically everything that can go wrong in the infinite void outside our atmosphere.  Nearly every song on the EP blends nihilistic messages with a melancholy and heavy tone to set an isolated atmosphere.  The one exception is Alien (it even gives a nod to Ridley Scott’s movie), which is chaotic and sounds more similar to a track off the Zombie EP.  Despite it basically replacing zombies with aliens, it’s full of energy and one of the more memorable songs on the EP.

Considering it’s an EP with six songs, Space is a concise package, and most of the songs are quality tracks. The only exception is Celestial Mechanics, an instrumental song that’s somewhere between an interlude and a full song.  Needless to say it doesn’t accomplish either and feels more like a speed bump on a highway, completely unnecessary and forcefully slows down the whole experience.  However, every other song is The Devil Wears Prada at the top of their game: the breakdowns are interesting, the vocals are unique and musicianship is above par for metalcore.

The Devil Wears Prada incorporates ambient electronic elements throughout the Space EP to give the music a spacey atmosphere – this description slightly contradicts itself since an atmosphere separates space from a planet, but the alternative was spacey sound, which makes even less sense.  These elements do a great job, especially in opening of Supernova, but they can get a little stale.  Compared to the Zombie EP, which used sound effects like chainsaws, rain and a radio broadcast to build an atmosphere, Space feels notably lacking.  While there is a broadcast in Planet A, there are too many missed opportunities for what could have been done.

The Space EP isn’t the greatest release from The Devil Wears Prada, but it’s still an amazing release that both current fans and those who lost interest from the previous albums can enjoy.  There are some issues that hold it back, but it’s a stellar EP nonetheless.

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