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devilskin-be-like-the-riverBonded by blood is not only a staple in thrash metal it’s a way of life for New Zealand’s . Formed in 2010, they’re a family four piece with father and son Paul (bass) and Nic Martin (drums), Nic’s aunt Jennie Skulander (vocals) and Paul’s evil twin guitarist Nail.

The band exploded onto the New Zealand rock scene with Little Pills and Never See the Light.  Their debut 2014’s We Rise, went gold in two weeks, going platinum in early 2015 and 2016’s Be Like The River is now available.

They just played with Disturbed at Auckland’s Vector Arena with a full home country tour and 17 dates nationwide upcoming, including seven home dates with Halestorm and a return to Europe in February 2017.

Relentless touring has earned them airplay and impressive sales reinvesting attention into their live show guarantying a stellar delivery.

Touring Australia three times, with shows in London and Los Angeles (2015), and the UK & Europe (2016), they’ve shared stages with Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper, Slash, Rob Zombie, and Megadeth among others.

Skulander’s vocals touch ears with haunting Eurythmic tones, hints of Southern thick charm and the vocal delights of Drain STH.  She also vocally soul shadows Amy Lee, leaving every performance memorable and strong.  Whether singing, screaming or doing the odd death metal growl, she leaves an imprint.

In Black begins with heavy vocals like a wayward spirit with layered up blues.  Pray is a nice blend of Annie Lennox, Amy Lee and her own pipes soaring.  Voices slows down with an epic feel, not quite a ballad but she throws down on vocals.

F.Y.I. is a group demonstration, celebration as the crowd gathers for protest with lyrical agenda blared through the megaphone.  Grave has a moody, cold vibe like walking barefoot over sacred burial ground.

Animal’s tribal vibe lays synth with drums burning incense with ritualistic cause.  Limbs is catchy, hunting for sobriety with Closer being the tender, classic ballad.




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