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“When we made ‘Kill Em All’, it was just and Motörhead” 
Lars Ulrich – Metallica

“We’re a combination of the two heads, and Motörhead. The epic feel is definitely from , while the simplicity came from Motörhead.” 
James Hetfield – Metallica

“I’m influenced by the likes of Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page and Brian Tatler”. 
Dave Mustaine – Megadeth

For fans old enough to remember, was a band that influenced the very roots of modern thrash and metal, leaving their firm imprint in the foundation of The Big Four. They just finished a run of U.S. headlining shows and festivals and will return August 19-25 for more. , accompanied by Def Leppard, Motorhead, Iron Maiden and more brought the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement to the States influencing countless musicians, including a young and burgeoning Metallica.  Metallica has covered classics like Am I Evil, Helpless, and The Prince among others.

How many bands can say they stylistically influenced Metallica and Megadeth and the playing of James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine?

Last year’s self-titled release mixed a tried and true sound with rock, prog and blues with Sabbath, Rush and Zeppelin.  Diamond Head casts out classic vibes like an enchanted wizard’s wand.

The clanking, cranking jangle of Bones started the bluesy, brawny vintage vibe.  There’s nothing Motley about Shout At The Devil other than the music racing down the open road, engines ignited with rebel blood.  You can ride fast and set the road ablaze but can’t escape the reapers shadow.

Set My Soul On Fire builds up with a guitar growl, more melodic with a feeling of coming doom. A great jam on hell’s heels.  Drums run with bass and guitar on See You Rise.

All The Reasons You Live is a mellow driver, dynamic with acoustics and symphonic synth. Speed is old school with Iron Maiden guitar interplay.

Blood On My Hands plays like Shakespeare in the rock n’ roll bombastic arena while Silence finishes with a heavy handed nod to Zeppelin brushing back the Egyptian sands and sounds of time.







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