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dimmu-borgir-forces-of-the-northern-night-300pxDimmu Borgir’s long-awaited May, 2011 Forces of the Northern Night show will finally be unleashed as a double-DVD set April 28 on multiple platforms via Nuclear Blast.  Not every band can pull off a show with a choir and orchestra, but they pulled them all together with the instruments intricately interwoven like the violins and trumpets were meant to be played alongside the guitars.  Forces of the Northern Night was filmed at the Oslo Spektrum with the KORK (Norwegian Radio Orchestra) and Schola Cantorum choir with a one-hour version aired by Norwegian Public Broadcasting the next month.   Also included is the 2012 Northern Forces Over Wacken show at Germany’s Wacken Open Air with orchestra and choir in tow.  Both shows were professionally shot with Cyrus (Susperia) on bass, Gerlioz (Apoptygma Berzerk, The Kovenant) on keys and Daray (Vader) on drums.

Oslo was an ambitious show loaded with ambiance, bombast and atmosphere finding them sandwiched between classical musicians and singers with the promise of a unique set list and experience.

A historical night captured including backstage preparation, intro mixed with orchestra and crowd shots, adding magnitude to the mood, buildup and majesty.  The Druid-like choir sang from a stage clothed in transparent banners.  The orchestra added a dark foreboding atmosphere to Shagrath’s sung incantations with a classical touch, like visual opposites but that night, musical companions.  It was a widespread crowd from youth to elders in the seats and standing, with no moshing, as the crowd respectively watched honoring the musicians, giving the performance the attention it deserved.

The show began over a shadowed crowd with Xibir.

Born Treacherous started with the unique visual of Dimmu on stage next to bow-tied musicians and Shagrath backed by a group of haunting cloaked voices.

He spoke Norwegian as the crowd popped for Gateways and the cackling Agnete Kjølsrud (Djerv) on guest vocals resembling a dark wicked queen.

The orchestra and choir took over for the instrumental version of Dimmu Borgir adding layers of classical structure and creepiness to a stage adorned in black and white, bathed in frost bite blue as the band returned for the electric version.

Fans from Australia, America, Germany, France and Chile among others attended the global event.

The strategic game of damnation came during Chess With The Abyss as the camera showed French Horns at a black metal show.  Spells were performed and cast as chains rattled on Ritualist as the eerie strings and opening notes trickled in like icy fingertips prickling the ears on A Jewel Traced Through Coal, popping the crowd.

The stage uncloaked non-band members for Eradication Instincts Defined.

Vredesbyrd was dry throat screamed into the mic with Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse and The Serpentine Offering following with the opening Fear And Wonder of Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia’s filling the venue.

The keys of Kings of the Carnival Creation rang out accompanied by a shroud of crimson light and the twisted static embrace of Puritania, including shaky stylized crowd shots.

They said goodbye on Mourning Palace with the orchestra finishing with Perfection Or Vanity.

The Wacken 2012 Open Air performance with The Czech National Symphonic Orchestra and Schola Cantorum choir with mirrored set list saw the band on a very crowded stage literary backed by the orchestra and choir as the sun brightly set.  Shagrath said it was their fifth time there and they wanted to do something different.  Kjølsrud sang on Gateways as sparks rained down and Shagrath dedicated Vredesbyrd to the Norwegians in the crowd.



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