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The members of could be described as true wandering souls, in search of the most unique and diverse ways to accurately translate their ideas to music.

Summerland is the Rotterdam group’s second effort, current statement and a step forward from debut Here Now There Then.  It takes their dark, experimental ambiance to parts unknown and places yet explored.  Vocalist and guitarist Ryanne van Dorst pens lyrics about the pleasures of this life through sex, magic, psychedelics and other outlets. Shoe gaze, psychedelic, stoner and acid rock are morphed with plenty of experimentation with a musical struggle of light, purgatory and darkness.

Here Now was described as an abstract experiment from skeletal songs in the closet with jamming giving them shape as the live experience developed the group’s sound and style.

It’s spiritual noise for ascension, going to a higher destination, embracing the soul’s balance of light and dark, blending Middle Eastern vibes, psychedelic elements and harder sounds.  Kind of what a deranged water color might sound like by a painter with multi-personalities. There’s a little bit of Pamela Moore spread throughout in Dorst’s vocal style as well.

Sulphur & Starlight starts dramatic, with a gritty, Western feel casting trippy, moody lava lit shadows.  There’s a slight feeling of Dream Warriors in the beginning, with the gong bringing an ominous tone with sinister teeth. The Candle Cove video vibe gives witchy ingredients, cursed woods and smoky back-dropped stages.

God Particle’s acoustic start illuminates back porch, honky-tonk notes with echoed cavern-like vocals with some bayou spirits strung up for decoration.  God-like lyrics makes it a bit more enchanting.

Watery notes start chiming in with jangling effect.  Slower pace with dreamy abstract feel, the vocals come in ghostly, at 2 ½ minutes.  It could be their rock ballad with a dreamscape through Eden or Valhalla.  Be Your Sins is the arena rocker of the bunch.

Regardless of your pleasure, Summerland is an esoteric Choose Your Own Adventure, depending on which track you’re playing.

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