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Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, from the legendary band the Misfits, is releasing the second album with his eponymous band Doyle. Doyle II: As We Die, is being released via EMP Label Group, the label of Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. This is in conjunction with Doyle’s own Monsterman Records, which released the band’s first album Abominator in 2013.  The band’s current lineup, according to Doyle, consists of Alex Story of Cancerslug on vocals, Brandon “The Crusher” Pertzborn on drums, and Izzy Strate on bass.

On Doyle II: As We Die there are certainly not too many surprises as compared to Abominator. The album delivers the hard-edged, horror themed metal one would expect after listening to the first record. However, this effort is slightly more ambitious in its delivery with more guitar solos and vocal hooks than the previous album. For instance, songs like King of the Undead have catchy but heavy riffage, and this particular track makes interesting use of pinch harmonics on the guitars.

Vocalist Alex Story doesn’t just sound like a Danzig clone, he has his own style, and this album definitely lets him experiment with it.  The songwriting seems to cater to this style by keeping things within a lower register. The opening track Kiss me as we Die Story tries out some new things vocally compared to the first album with more harmonies. There’s even a guest female vocalist backing Story up on some parts.  It also features a pretty ambitious guitar solo, which is a welcomed surprise. The song Darkside also has some intriguing solo work as well, which deviates a bit from the first record.

While some songs sound like they could be outtakes from the first record, like Beast like Me, others are a bit heavier and more straight-forward metal like God of Files, which is much more melodic and metal than it is horror punk. Although the track We Belong Dead has a catchy chorus that is reminiscent of Michael Graves era Misfits, a majority of the songs use low chunky thrash as their basis. On this front, the album seems to save the best for last with Dark Gods Arise, Blood on the Axe, and Night of Sin. All three are straight ahead metal songs that end the album with a good punch to the face.

The first video for the album is Run for Your Life, a song that walks the line between metal and punk, and creates a perfect background for the horror movie style narrative of the video. In the video, a blonde woman who attempts to flee for safety because she is held captive by singer Alex ‘Wolfman’ Story playing a lunatic.

Doyle will begin his Abominate the World Tour 2017 featuring Davey Suicide on June 1st in Raleigh, NC. The tour will then go south into Florida and Louisiana, then into California before heading East to finish in Niagara Falls, New York. Click on image to see all tour dates.


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