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Scorpions - Forever And A DayIt’s not all that uncommon to hear of a band that has announced their farewell tour, and then continues to tour after that farewell. Well, for a year and half filmmaker Katja von Garnier accompanied the mighty on what was meant to be that final tour, resulting in the documentary film Forever and a Day. In the end, the band did change their minds and are now marking their 50th anniversary with a new tour and a new album, Return to Forever. They have also recently released deluxe editions of eight of their albums, newly remastered and featuring previously unreleased material.

Either way, this film is a must see. The director takes us on the road with the Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, James Kottak and Pawel Maciwoda from Bangkok to Moscow, where we can see the highs and lows of tour life. However, this is not simply a tour documentary. We are able to take a look back at the beginnings of the band, including old footage and photos. There are also interviews with many they have worked with throughout the last half century, including Michael Schenker, Doc McGhee, Paul Stanley, and even Mikhail Gorbachev.
Be prepared to pay attention when watching the film, unless you are a fluent speaker of German. A large portion of the film is in German with subtitles. Don’t worry, you will be drawn in to the point that you will probably even forget that you are reading subtitles. The film was shown in select theatres, but if you missed the opportunity on the big screen, pick up a copy on DVD, Blu-Ray or digital video and have your own showing in your home theatre. Invite your friends, grab some popcorn and turn it up loud!

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