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Turning Japanese anime and manga into symphonic majestic greatness isn’t an endeavor many bands could or would want to try and pull off.  However, Dutch powerhouse Epica did so with great success.

Officially available for the first time outside Japan, Epica vs. Attack On Titan Songs features theme music from the popular anime series adapted and performed by the intricate sound weavers.  The EP has metal versions of the soundtrack songs alongside instrumental versions.

Given the in-depth narrative of the story, a speeding, blistering delivery became a new challenge with the band having to keep up with the music and story.  Vocalist Simone Simons adapted to singing translated lyrics with the band adapting to anime warp speed.

They succeeded bringing the worlds together telling the animated story of humanity’s fight for survival against the human-eating titans. As storyline met guitar strings, octaves met anime.  Lyrics were rewritten with approval by keyboardist Coen Janssen and Joost van den Broek with original compositions by Revo of Linked Horizon.

The dramatic opening of Crimson Bow & Arrow rings out with battle horns as choirs sing out the saga of war.  Simons voice hits embracing the heroic character’s plans for victory, spreading her operatic prowess over the series.  A call to arms voice-over accompanies the song mid-tune.

Wings of Freedom hits at break neck speed, thundering with soldiers marching within the walls fighting for the right to life outside of them.  Freedom, life and victory at all costs!

If Inside these Walls was a House begins with somber tone, like a battle torn warrior or elder telling the group the long history of the battle with words of hope.  Lyrics of endurance and perseverance preserve the never dying fighting spirit.

Dedicate Your Heart! is a rapid heart-beat, blood-pact gang vocal sung to the heavens to save the promised land, their mighty land.

Whether you’re a fan of anime, manga or Epica, the music is an educational companion for fans.  

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