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FatMoMac cover 2015Musicians are unpredictable creatures. Case in point, Candlemass guitarist Lars Johansson’s leaping into the deep blues with the debut release from his band, . Johansson recruited some talented friends, including the late Roger Eklov, who tragically died while making this album. Yet  played on and did Eklov proud, taking the depth of rock/blues to a whole new level.

The first track Walk Alone, has this cool, throw-back feel, with smooth vocals reminiscent of Jack Russell, from Great White. In fact, the entire album has a rich, rock infused blues sound that’ll take you back in time. The song Broken Down has a sultry, grinding rhythm that’ll get your hips moving; perfect for a hot date in a dark venue. Another tune to heat up the night is Always Like That with a bayou, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” vibe: it absolutely screams “SEXY” with its slow, seductive groove.

Another favorite Get Home is a melodic, bluesy ballad, with a slow, enticing, Black Velvet kind of rhythm. The vocals are deep, husky, with audible breaths between the verses… seductive indeed.
There are two instrumentals: Kick Back, with impressive fretwork and a drum beat reminiscent of ZZ Top’s Cheap Sunglasses, and Gear Shifter, that truly rocks the blues, a definite crowd pleaser! The introspective Memories is All There Is has deep lyrics while Cold Woman really tells a story. Though he claims, “…I can’t take it no more,” something in his voice says he can, and will.

All in all,  really scored with this one. Their steamy infusion of classic rock swag with seductive vocals & rhythms makes this an ideal album to play when the lights are low, and the temperature’s hot.


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