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finger-eleven-five-crooked-lines-400x400Canadian rock band Finger Eleven is back after a five year hiatus from releasing albums. The new album, titled Five Crooked Lines, is the band’s sixth studio album and it releases on July 31, 2015 via The Bicycle Music Company/Concord. Their earlier works were released under Mercury and Wind-Up Records.

The album contains 12 tracks, all of which sound completely different from each other.

The album starts fast and rough with the track Gods of Speed. Whoa, this isn’t the Finger Eleven I remember! Gods of Speed maintains its hard, fast pace throughout, making you wonder what happened to the earlier version of Finger Eleven, the band who brought us more pop-influenced rock in the early 2000’s with such songs as One Thing and Thousand Mile Wish. Even one of their harder, and most popular singles Paralyzer had less of a metal tone, and more of a radio-ready pop rock sound.

But hold on, with this album the band has committed to the creed that “there are no compromises, no concessions and nothing tailor-crafted to suit any outside demands.” That’s straight from the mouth of the band.

So take the ride through the whole album and you might find something you like. Some of the music styles they claim to have experimented with include hard rock, classic rock, heavy blues and textural pop.

The track Blackout Song reminds you of an angsty pop-punk, garage band-type song.

Come On, Oblivion is a trippy, atmospheric, psychedelic seven minute song in the same vein as Pink Floyd. It’s like they smoked a bit of something, and did some experimenting. That’s not a bad thing in music. In fact, it’s no secret that some of the greatest music hits have come out of experimenting (both musically and chemically).

If you really dig the older stuff, the song Lost for Words, in particular, might strike you as reminiscent of the band’s earlier material.

Check out the music video for the album’s first single Wolves and Doors here:

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