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firewind-immortals-300pxThe battle of 300 rages again with the eighth album from Greek power metal five piece Firewind.  Gus G and the band engage  the Immortals in 11 tracks racing through the battles of Thermopylae and Salamis.  Gus’s fingers shred through notes like the Spartans through the first two waves of Persians, adding melodic strings to Lady of 1000 Sorrows and spoken word intro to Ode to Leonidas.

Five years have passed since Few Against Many with members pursuing other projects and Gus cranking out two solo albums and recording and touring with Ozzy Osbourne.  The time in between made for stronger song writing, collaboration and a better overall product telling the musical story of what happened in ancient Greece.

Hands of Time opens with the historical riffs and notes of Greek history with the ancient clock ticking toward oncoming Persians and the glory and gore of battle.  We Defy encompasses the rebellious fighting heart of the Greeks against dire odds.  Gus’s guitar screams out their warrior soul with returning vocalist Henning Basse giving voice to their battle cry.

Ode to Leonidas stands defiantly proud with its moody melodic spoken intro emblazing his words to Persia “Come and take it.”

The pipe organ keys hit with a mixture of thrash elements with an ‘80s vibe on Back on the Throne as Xerxes surveys the battle watching his troops fall to Sparta.

Live and Die by the Sword weaves its battle scars and tales acoustically with heroic storytelling bombast as guitar notes soar through the air like spears and arrows as riffs pierce skin with metallic red.

Lady of 1000 Sorrows breathes life and death into the sooth saying Oracles prophecy’s to Leonidas.  Gus’s fingers and strings proclaim the greatness of Sparta on the instrumental title track.

Rise from the Ashes travels from Thermopylae to Salamis, betrayed and defeated in one battle but victorious in the final.


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