FRAMING HANLEY – Live – Backstage Bar & Billiards, Fremont Street

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ES9 CROPMore bands are popping into venues on in this summer.  from Nashville, Tennessee are one of those bands to hit the stage at .

is /lead vocals, /guitar, /guitar, /bass and /drums.  This young, five piece band formed in 2005 and began immediately recording demos, releasing their first album The Moment and establishing a major fan base early on as well.  Their second album release in 2009, A Promise to Burn, also brought them a win with the Best Modern Rock Band at the Top In Rock Awards the same year.  In the following year of label changes, member changes and a Kickstarter campaign later, brought their third album to their fans with The Sum Of Who We Are which was released on April 25 of this year.

In support of their new album release, the band has been touring several shows with across the U.S.  Hitting on Saturday June 21, they are band number three of a five band night.  Sharing the stage with from Michigan; , a local band; from Ohio; and headliner from Memphis, Tennessee.  When in Vegas, prepare on late night shows for any rock and roll, as nothing begins any earlier than 9:00 p.m.  After the first three bands, Framing Hanley takes the stage backlit in deep blue with a stage set not like any other.  The back wall is lined with book shelves; it’s almost as they are playing inside someone’s home.  The electric blue neon sign hanging overhead is the only clue the stage is within the rousing venue, other than the pack of fans already at the front of the stage.  They play with an energy and charisma reminiscent of Green Day mixes with Fall Out Boy; it’s a drive and an intensity that one can’t pry their eyes away.

ES3 CROPThe set list for the night include: Criminal, 23 Days, No Saving Me, Lollipop, You Stupid Girl, Science, Built For Sin, Collide, and Hear Me Now. The nine song set brings the audience a compilation from all three albums with a bit of a twisted version of Lil Wayne’s Lollipop.  It is more than evident in the reaction from the crowd why this band had the massive following they do.  Nixon’s vocals are stunning and the vibe this band carries throughout the entire show leaves the fans jumping, dancing and singing along.  The tightness of the band with Belcher, Wootten, Stoye and Vest prove the deep roots this band is based upon.  Their music and lyrics tied with their no holds barred attitude leave nothing to be missed.  The band will continue their summer tour across America and then venture across the pond to the UK where they will tour Ireland, Scotland and several other cities around England.  Keep your eyes peeled for these guys; they are a definite need to see!

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