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Glenn Hughes - ResonateFrontiers Music Srl released the new solo album, Resonate in early November. From album-opener, Heavy to the very last chords of the closing track Long Time Gone, it promises to be a contender for “Album of the Year” on many-a-list. Resonate features his live solo band members, Søren Andersen (guitars and co-producer), Pontus Engborg (drums) and newcomer to his band, Lachy Doley (keyboards); in addition to longtime friend and drummer, Chad Smith (of Red Hot Chili Peppers), who joined them in the studio for the opening and closing numbers.

Serving as his first solo album in eight years, Resonate shows that Hughes is still unstoppable and isn’t afraid to try new things. The first half of the album, all the way up to God of Money, showcases some of the heaviest songs, lyrically and musically, that Glenn has ever produced.

A huge riff announces Glenn’s presence in the opening track, Heavy. While the track is indeed heavy, there’s also that patented funky groundwork that makes Glenn’s work such a pleasure to listen to– and it’s got an irresistible groove to it.

In Steady, a bass-driven rocker with elemental keyboard and guitar parts, Hughes adds light and shade to vocals which move the piece towards its eventual mellotron-driven outro.

The second half of the album emerges with a recognizable sound, belonging to Hughes alone– the same sound which dominated stadiums. In How Long, which centers on a repeated cry of that titular message, a sense of pining can be found within those two simple words right alongside the tracks’ surging riffs and pounding percussion.

By the time the album reaches riff-driven Stumble & Go, the band is grooving hard. Energetic backup vocals emerge before a mellow finale in Long Time Gone.

What really stands out in this record is the clear passion Glenn has for his music. Like his voice, it soars majestically from every pounding beat and raging riff and you truly can’t ask more from any musician than that.

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