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NebulaeCover-300x300Heylel attempts to capture the sound of old school progressive rock, mirroring bands like King Crimson. They’ve even included a cover of King Crimson’s song I Talk To The Wind. If you don’t know much about King Crimson, they are a progressive rock band formed in 1968 who have a large following despite never gaining much radio or TV play. They are widely known as forming the foundation for progressive rock, incorporating all types of musical influences into their sound including jazz, folk, experimental, hard rock, heavy metal, electronica and new wave. (As a sidenote, King Crimson just announced they are reuniting for a 17-show run this fall.)

Nebulae is dark, haunting and atmospheric. It’s a concept album apparently inspired by the quest for life’s meaning as it’s about life and death represented in the form of a star’s life-cycle. The album contains 11 tracks which are divided into four chapters. The story follows the star’s birth up until it’s extinction, with the intention for the music to convey emotions as the story is told of the passage through each of the star’s life stages.

Much of Heylel’s music reminds us of something you’d hear in a horror movie. It’s not quite easy listening, but some may identify with its eeriness. Fortunately lead female singer Ana Batista’s musical training is in classical and church choir. Her softer vocals somewhat balance out the darkness, lending a hopeful angelic tone so it’s not all doom and gloom. For a softer sound check out the tracks The Sage and Sometimes. Or if you like your progressive rock darker, take a listen to The Prophet. We also recommend the track Alter Ego for its Pink Floyd-ish feeling.

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