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CROP Hi Res Cover Art for HUDSON's Cast Out EP is an emerging Los Angeles-based four-piece rock n’ roll band, who released their sophomore EP Cast Out last month. This five-track, self-produced album is lit up with the band’s authentic and hard-hitting rock and roll. It really is a release you should listen to if your idea of rock ‘n’ roll is a guitar-driven, down-in the dirt, bluesy concoction with plenty of grunt.

The EP opens up with Whatcha Know. This track brings with it a faux 70’s styling and the whiskey-soaked, growling style of vocalist David . Followed up by Upper Hand, this track brings many of the same elements found in the first track, but built on an even bigger riff with even sweeter melodies and some nice slide guitar to complement it all.

With a pounding intro, the third track, Half Alive, really gives the listener better insight of the range of style is capable of producing. This hard-rock track maintains swirling hypnotic rhythms throughout it along-side some interesting distortion on the guitar riffs.

Things slow down in the fourth track, For the Moment. There is a swampy blues feel to this albums’ mellow addition. The EP ends on a strong note with title track, Cast Away. Hudson’s energy hits listeners with a musical concoction of no frills classic rock n’ roll and unflinching guitar tones in this track.

Demonstrating obvious Zeppelin and Skynyrd influences, there is something sweeter and more melodic in the mix of Cast Out, as well. This EP goes back to the roots of rock and captures a style shaped by influences ranging from The Beach Boys to Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd and Nirvana. Fans of any and all of these bands will want to check out this rustic little gem of an EP.

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