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jack-russells-great-white-he-saw-it-cominThrough the years vocalist Jack Russell has been pretty synonymous with ‘80s hair metal band Great White. Even after his split from the original band in 2011, Russell still clings to the band name– likely for brand recognition.  Jack Russell’s Great White represents the next phase of a legacy for Russell, who formed the band in 2011 as a reincarnation of former band Great White.  Now Jack and his new band are back with He Saw it Comin’.

Jack Russell’s Great White features a whole new lineup consisting of Russell (Vocals), Tony Montana (guitar, keyboards), Robby Lochner (guitar), Dan McNay (bass), and Dicki Fliszar (drums).

The opening track, Sign of the Times, has that good old Great White expression and makes for a great arena rocker.  Musically, the track takes you back to Russell’s late 1980’s heyday.

She Moves Me brings with it an unexpected, though not at all unpleasant, change of pace when Russell departs from the rock and roll norm and raps for several measures.  Though it still seems to hold the bluesy sound expected from Russell, it also seems to stand out from the rest of the album.  Overall, it’s a unique tune with an infectious melody and energetic enthusiasm.

Russell’s vocals sound amazing throughout the album– melodic and passionate, with just enough hard rock edge to his timbre.  Keeping to the signature Great White sound, the band takes a classic melodic rock and blends it with plenty of blues, groove, and boogie.

Demonstrating the band’s fearless want to experiment, the 11-track album closes with Godspeed, an a capella track which blends a ‘60s Southern California pop sound with a classic Motown sound.

Overall, He Saw it Comin’ is as strong an album as Russell has ever released, with Great White or solo. His new band has an obvious chemistry. It’s safe to say that Jack has found his groove again.

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