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British metal legends are set to release album 18, Firepower, March 9.  The leather-clad legends are still cranking out new, heavy, valid metal.  With a 40-year library of classic albums, not many bands can say they were part of metal’s formation.

Lightning Strike and are the first tastes of new electricity from the forthcoming 14 track release.  The accompanying 25-date U.S. Tour starts March 13 in Pennsylvania.

Priest have trail-blazed like no other, screaming at father time with age defying fury, never running out of ammo.

starts hard, hungry and raw with guitars galloping with lightning, chiseling through granite with intensity.  Lightning Strike pierces with energy and electricity from the heavens with heroic grandeur and bombast.

Evil Never Dies gives a hot, hellish delivery with damnation in the riffs, like a red hot iron prod rammed within.  Lyrical possession by hell’s hierarchy with the always watching tempter and deceiver as Halford lets out a few high pitch screams during the conjuring.

Necromancer hits with old-school thrash and feelings of Painkiller, sinking teeth into decaying afterlife, sparking new life through sorcery, resurrecting voices from the grave.  Flame Thrower’s chords ignite with fury like the wrath of the molten beast with a slow lyrical grind like hot embers at the fingertips.

Spectre summons nocturnal visitors as guitars play out dark, private thoughts and fantasies.   It’s Alice Cooper in nature with shadows of Night Crawler, telling the gruesome tale of heavy breathing stalkers. Lyrics visualize the clothes and skin, peeling off, as guitars squeal out bloodlust.

Lone Wolf’s murky notes crawl through the dark woods like stalking claws. Sabbath in groove with a red-eyed glare through the darkness, it is creeping ravenous as one man stands alone before the beast.

Firepower is the newest entry into Priest’s continuing catalog of immortality.

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