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’s latest album, In2 the Arms of Love, brings the U.K. band front and center. The album seems to pay homage to sounds of the ‘70s and ‘80s, having this band sound a lot like other such acts like David Bowie, Led Zepplin, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, while still maintaining its own unique sound.

The title track, , revisits many of the ’s themes in a familiar way. Both the guitar work and vocals bring a charming, yet brawling, quality to the piece. The guitar cranks out clipped lines while the percussion displays machine gun rhythm– all the while still managing to infuse the song with a noticeable swing.

The album’s third track, I’m So Ready, brings a brash, jagged edge both vocally and instrumentally. Methodical and brimming with purpose, this track embraces the straight forward attack that is rock and roll.

Til The End of the World opens with a hypnotic guitar riff which drives the song from start to finish. Everything kicks into overdrive with an addictive groove and a corresponding wave of Jimi Hendrix-style guitar work. With a near-conversational vocal delivery, Jupiter’s vocals juxtapose against lyrics which read like prophecy and are rich, intimate and drenched with emotion.

This album overall, like much of ’s music, brings an incredibly unique blend of different styles, eras and genres of rock and pop together. That hasn’t stopped reviewers from trying to fit it into a box—labeling his music as everything from psychedelic rock to alternative-rock and so on.

Whatever its genre, this album follows Jupiter in Velvet’s refreshingly original formula—allowing listeners to get out of their heads, into their hearts and just feel it.

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